About Patrice Dillard-Wilson

Empowerment Coach and Instructor

With over ten years of experience in professional coaching and development, Patrice Dillard-Wilson is also a graduate of Arizona State University, W. P. Carey School of Business with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Urban Policy. She is a Certified Empowerment Life Coach, an Ordained Minister, an Author and a Public Motivational Speaker in the East Valley of Arizona.

Patrice is passionate about empowering others to reveal their 2.0 version of self. She inspires others to unlearn limitations and maximize their personal power and potential! Patrice also works with adults and young adults (personally and professionally) to empower, to advise and to partner for success in preparing for the next step in life, or mapping out what that looks like to move forward continually.

She has helped many achieve job promotions, progress from past trauma, reduce stress, establish social boundaries/personal standards, develop transformational habits and prepare effectively for a more confident journey in life!


The Confident You

Empowerment Course

Becoming empowered is not just about changing the way you think, it's all about showing up in your life with confidence, with daily boldness to be yourself and with a higher level of self-awareness.

With this course, rise above any rejections that you may struggle with or have experienced, move forward from the past and overcome present triggers with new thought patterns.

Continue moving forward on your path with vision for yourself and uncover the true power that lies within yourself. Unlock the potential and grow into your power!

-Are you ready to meet the better version of you but you're struggling with confidence?
-Looking to transform personally or grow professionally but the actions and the behaviors to get there seem impossible?
-Do you feel tired of the organized chaos in your life or have you been feeling stagnant?
-Are you motivated to elevate your life and expand out of your comfort zones but just don't know how?
-Are you desiring to walk through life with more personal power but you're afraid of rejection or what others might think?

Beginning today, step into your power, feel no shame for your life's preferences and break old patterns that are not serving you. Reveal your greatness and the 2.0 version of you!

Check out the illustrations below of some things you will learn within this course. And, look out for some more empowering mini courses and the empowerment program coming soon: Power Up (A 4-week program by Impower Coaching)! You are POWER.

Move with more personal power and grow into the best version of you!

Enroll today! Pursue the better version of you.