Impower Coaching and Development Academy offers substantial tools, strategies, and resources that help take you to the next level with your goals, ideas and emotional well-being.

With our empowerment program, teaching courses and mini courses you will learn how to:
-Tap into more of your powerful potential;
-Be positively effective and efficient;
-Confidently progress, transform personally and competently win and grow;
-Properly plan and prepare for the next step(s) in life both personally and professionally

"Working with Patrice and then applying what I have learned so far to my life has made a difference on my outlook of my mindset, my actions and who I want to be. I've been more aware with how I show up around others close to me and I have been breaking old habits. Impower Coaching has taught me how to keep moving forward with my own personal power as I strive for change!"

- Maria L

No longer devalue your skillset, your personality, your worth or your gifts! You have greatness within you.

Perspective is everything and progress is powerful.

When peace is established from within, the journey ahead is already prepared for you. Move with more power in your life and grow into the best version of you!

Hi, I’m Patrice Dillard-Wilson!

As an Empowerment Life Coach, Mentor and Instructor, l help empower others to develop their 2.0 version of self and to program for winning no matter what the landscape of life looks like.

With 10+ years of professional coaching, instructing seminars, classes and program development, I enjoy working with individuals from various industries and backgrounds of life. I am a graduate of Arizona State University, W. P. Carey School of Business with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Urban Policy, also, an Author, Ordained Minister and a Public Motivational Speaker based out of Arizona.

I work with adults and young adults both personally and professionally helping them to win in life. I have enjoyed helping many achieve job promotions, progress from past trauma, reduce stress, establish social boundaries and personal standards, develop transformational habits and prepare effectively for a more confident journey in life. How can I help power you up?